It’s the general perception that ‘it will never happen to me’ or people sometimes say; ‘we will get around to sorting cover out later’

Clients will insure their home, car and even consider insuring against their possessions and pets, but need to take the time to think; ‘What about each other?’

High Quality

Protection Services

Without considering cover for your mortgage and your lifestyle, you could end up leaving family members in a vulnerable position and even homeless, if the mortgage lender were to decide to repossess the home if repayments were not met.

At Mr Mortgage Adviser, we take protecting clients very seriously with every client having a detailed explanation of the types of policies available to them in the current market.

There are numerous policies available and we believe clients need specialist advice to find cover that will best meet their needs. If the worst did happen, the last thing you would want to worry about is how you are going to pay for your mortgage, other expenditure and your lifestyle.

We do not charge our customers when providing no obligation quotations or if they choose to take out cover, we do not charge any fee for the application process. We are remunerated via the providers direct.

We would take all of your personal circumstances into consideration and then tailor your cover to your needs and your budget with you making the final decisions on what cover you want to have in place.