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Are you looking for a mortgage adviser in Norwich? Are you beginning the journey of becoming a homeowner? Your search for a local Norwich mortgage broker ends here. With Mr Mortgage Adviser, we redefine the way you navigate the complexities of securing a mortgage and purchasing a home.

We recognise the challenges that come with finding the perfect property and arranging the right mortgage. It’s a task which can be daunting and filled with uncertainty, but with Mr Mortgage Adviser we thrive on success.


Our team boasts a wealth of industry experience, dedicated to offering you a tailored solution which aligns with your unique needs. Whether you’re a first-time buyer starting the exciting journey of becoming a homeowner, relocating to Norwich, or looking to unlock hidden potential in your home, we’re here to help make the entire process a stress-free and seamless experience.


Our commitment doesn’t end there – we go above and beyond, investigating comprehensive protection planning to ensure you and your family are shielded with the right cover. We understand the importance of securing not just a home, but a future that’s safeguarded against any uncertainties.

Before securing debts against your home, it’s crucial to weigh your options carefully.


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Why Choose Mr Mortgage Adviser?

Looking for a new home in Norwich can be stressful enough – then to start searching for the right mortgage it can sometimes seem impossible to know what the next step to make is. With Mr Mortgage Adviser, we can help to take away some of the stress bywith finding the right mortgage for you, advising and we can advise on a wide range of products and lenders to help you find the most suitable deal available. 

We are a Qualified Mortgage advisers with one of the largest networks in the UK. As a part of the Quilter Financial Planning Network, we are able to search the whole of market to advise you on a vast number of lenders. As part of the QFP network we also have access to exclusive products not available on the high street.

Not only this, as mortgage advisers in Norwich we appreciate that becoming a homeowner (or even remortgaging your property) can be challenging, given that many banks and businesses are only open during traditional office hours. We offer home-based appointments, at convenient times to you with evening appointments available right up to 10pm. This means we can work with you and answer your questions, around your working patterns, to ensure that there’s minimal disruption to your day-to-day life. 

We prioritise your satisfaction as our client, and we work family-first, to provide a personal touch to our mortgage advice services. We consistently receive high ratings for our reliability and effectiveness in securing favourable mortgage terms for our clients. 

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What is the role of a mortgage adviser?

As professional mortgage advisers, we specialise in providing guidance towards the financial aspect of purchasing your new property, including reviewing how much you can afford to borrow, and what mortgage options are available to you. 

As ‘Whole of Market’ mortgage specialists in Norwich, we are equipped with everything we need to research through a wide selection of mortgage lenders. We have a wide knowledge of the mortgages available from different lenders, and we can support you with navigating through the entire mortgage application process. We’ll work with you to check your finances, and make sure you are likely to meet the individual lender’s affordability criteria, and we can explain the paperwork – to ensure the mortgage application is completed as efficiently as possible. 

We recommend you get in touch with a mortgage adviser as early on in your property-buying journey as possible. There’s no set rule on exactly when to send the first message, but the earlier the better so we can begin working together to highlight any potential issues which may hinder your future plans, and begin making steps to get you in the right financial position to buy your home. Securing a mortgage in principle can also make you more attractive as a buyer when the right property does come along.

Should you use a mortgage adviser or a high street bank?

Banks ultimately want you to choose their own mortgage products. If you’ve been a loyal customer to a specific bank, you’ll be aware to some level of what mortgage products they have available. 

However, by choosing a Norwich-based mortgage adviser over a high street bank, you may find that the mortgage adviser is able to get you a more suitable mortgage deal from your own bank than they can offer you. It doesn’t sound right, but mortgage advisers have access to rates that you as an individual may not be able to access even if you have been a customer of your bank for a long time.

Banks are also going to favour their own products, so they are unlikely to suggest competitor products – even if they offer a more favourable deal. With a mortgage adviser, we can access a much bigger range of mortgage products from a much bigger range of lenders, searching the market for the better rates. 

Often, banks don’t offer ‘advice’. They offer ‘information’, which can make your mortgage decisions riskier, and often more difficult. We understand that mortgages can be complicated, and when you’re searching for the right product for you, you really need support to help take that complexity away. We are able to review your individual circumstances, and only show you products that are suitable for you. 

Family moving into their new home from Mr Mortgage Adviser

5* Rated Mortgage Adviser in Norwich

“Can’t recommend Mr Mortgage Adviser enough. As first time buyers, he really took the time and effort to guide us through each stage of the buying process. He is very professional, friendly and dependable; his phone was always on for us. Thank you so much Lewis for making what should of been a stressful and confusing experience very smooth and straightforward.”

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Mortgage Adviser Norwich

What’s the difference between a mortgage adviser vs a financial adviser?

Both a mortgage adviser and financial adviser can support you with understanding your financial circumstances when it comes to starting your house-buying journey. However, a financial adviser can only help with budgeting and planning for buying a house to the point where you save up for a house deposit.

A mortgage adviser can help you get started with the mortgage application process. Mortgage advisers are able to help you understand what products and deals are available and affordable to you based on your financial circumstances, and work with you to get your mortgage application approved. 

A Mortgage adviser is a dedicated specialist, and can help you increase your chances of securing a mortgage by finding the most suitable deal for you.

Questions to ask your mortgage adviser

Finding the right mortgage adviser for your individual journey can be difficult, and there’s a few questions we recommend you ask so you can make the right decision.

All mortgage advisers in the UK should be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You should ask your adviser whether they are regulated, and you can also check whether they are by looking at the FCA Register

Another important question is asking whether they charge, and how much if they do. It’s also important for you to understand whether these charges will apply to future remortgages, and to consider the cost of other fees such as mortgage arrangement and valuation fees which can typically vary by lender.

A mortgage adviser should be able to explain the different types of mortgages available, and explain the pros and cons of each. For example, repayment mortgages mean you pay off a monthly amount over an agreed period until both the capital and interest are paid off. There’s also interest-only mortgages, as well as a number of other types. Your adviser should be able to recommend the right one for you based on your circumstances, affordability, and future plans.

You may also be interested in asking about the number of lenders your adviser can access,  how much you need to save to buy your home, how much you can borrow, what documentation you need, and whether your adviser can help you with other aspects of the house-buying process. For example, at Mr Mortgage Adviser, we can support you with finding the right mortgage protection policy for you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a mortgage broker and mortgage adviser?

There’s no real difference between a mortgage broker and a mortgage adviser, but some may differentiate themselves as advisers as they will always act in their client’s best interests, but some brokers are often paid commissions based on what they sell, and so may suggest different solutions.

Is it worth getting a mortgage adviser?

Absolutely, especially if you can get in contact with an adviser as early in the property purchase process as possible. It saves a lot of time, effort & stress in the long run. A mortgage adviser can support you through the whole process, and can be especially helpful if you are a first time buyer.

Should I speak to more than one mortgage adviser?

It’s a good idea to speak to a few different mortgage advisers to begin with in order to find the most suitable mortgage deals for you. Find an adviser you work well with. It’s important to feel comfortable with your mortgage adviser, and believe that they do have your best interests at heart.