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If you’re beginning the journey of becoming a homeowner in Norwich, your search for a local mortgage broker ends here. With Mr Mortgage Adviser, we redefine the way you navigate the complexities of securing a mortgage and purchasing a home.

We recognise the challenges that come with finding the perfect property and arranging the right mortgage. It’s a task which can be daunting and filled with uncertainty, but with Mr Mortgage Adviser we thrive on success.

Our team boasts a wealth of industry experience, dedicated to offering you a tailored solution which aligns with your unique needs. Whether you’re a first-time buyer starting the exciting journey of becoming a homeowner, relocating to Norfolk, or looking to unlock hidden potential in your home, we’re here to help make the entire process a stress-free and seamless experience.

Our commitment doesn’t end there – we go above and beyond, investigating comprehensive protection planning to ensure you and your family are shielded with the right cover. We understand the importance of securing not just a home, but a future that’s safeguarded against any uncertainties.


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Why you should choose us as your mortgage broker in Norwich

Mortgage Adviser Norwich

We can help find the most suitable available mortgage with our ‘Whole of Market’ specialists

Mortgage Adviser Norwich

For ease, our mortgage advisers are able to visit you at home in Norwich

Mortgage Adviser Norwich

Family comes first, it’s part of our core values.

Mortgage Adviser Norwich

Our qualified mortgage advisers are a part of one of the largest networks in the UK Quilter Financial Planning

Mortgage Adviser Norwich

Our mortgage advisers cover all areas of Norwich and Norfolk

Mortgage Adviser Norwich

To be as accessible as possible, you can work with us from your home or from our office

Mortgage Adviser Norwich

Mr Mortgage Adviser share professional advice on all relevant protection products available from leading providers

Mortgage Adviser Norwich

Plan for the future with our ongoing reviews of your future financial situations

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What's the maximum mortgage I can secure?

Lenders will usually consider lending up to four times the primary earner’s income (with a slightly reduced amount for combined incomes). Alternatively, some lenders assess ‘affordability,’ determining their lending decisions based more on your credit history, credit score, and your remaining income after meeting regular bills and financial commitments.

Is it possible to secure a mortgage with a less-than-ideal credit history?

Having a history of adverse credit doesn’t necessarily disqualify you from obtaining a mortgage. Many lenders provide specialised products tailored for individuals with a less-than-perfect credit history, although it might result in a higher interest rate or additional initial fees.

When is best to start speaking to a mortgage adviser?

The optimal time to engage with a mortgage specialist is once you’ve identified a specific property goal. First-time homebuyers stand to gain the most from seeking expert advice, particularly given the novel nature of the process and the multitude of considerations that precede a home purchase.